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Guest Wi-Fi


The purpose of this service is to offer wireless internet access to our guests.

By guest, we mean all that either is visiting us for a brief time as well as the inhabitants of Tokke municipality.

The wireless network is called “Kommunalt-Gjestenett» and you will find good coverage in most of our public buildings.

Guidelines for use:

By using the wireless internet access you accept these conditions:

  • You connect to the network at your own risk. Tokke kommune does not in any way guarantee the security of your communication
  • The service is free, meaning that Tokke kommune assumes no liability in case of errors or other problems, such as internet access, speed or availability.
  • The internet access is controlled by a webfilter. Websites are scanned for viruses or other harmful code. Contents are monitored and may be blocked. The service is adapted for use in our schools, and as a guest you may find websites blocked.
  • By connecting to the network, you may not use it to distribute illegal or inappropriate content such as child pornography and copyrighted material (books/music/film), threats, encouraging og planning illegal actions or spreading of virus / malware.
  • To operate and improve this service, some information will be recorded. These are computer name, IP-address, the units MAC address, as well as when and from where you used this service. In addition, the amount of data transferred is recorded. This recorded information is deleted after 30 days. In special cases, the amount of time data is stored may be extended. Third party access to recorded data will only be allowed in accordance with Norwegian law.
  • This service utilizes cookies. The use of cookies stores information in your web browser in order to improve the use of the web site.

tokke.kommune.no nyttar informasjonskapslar (cookies) slik at me kan yte deg betre service. Informasjonskapslane blir i hovudsak nytta for trafikkmåling og optimalisering av tenesten. Du kan fortsette å bruke tokke.kommune.no som vanleg dersom du godtek dette. Dersom du vil vita meir, kan du lese om vår bruk av informasjonskapslar. Lukk